Wolf Creek Creations

Its LOVE at first BITE!
100% Gluten Free
That's WHO!
Gluten free Sweet Treats have great taste, which could appeal to all not just a selected few, the answer is simple.

Everyone loves a sweet treat and one that is healthier too! As more people discover the great taste that can be achieved with all the different flours, natural sweeteners, fruits & nuts that you can add to each recipe to create a balanced richness in each and every bite.

Studies began to show that a gluten free lifestyle has a lot of health benefits - even for individuals who weren't sensitive to gluten. The gluten free lifestyle, and the demand for for gluten free bakery products has continued to rise steadily ever since.

At POP-ular Sweet Treats you can also ask for Sweet Treats that are not only Gluten free but also Gluten Free and Dairy Free; Gluten Free and Egg Free or Gluten Free and Dairy Free and Egg free Sweet treats.

We also cater to those who are Diabetic and require a combination of those Sweet treats listed above.

Wither your a speciality bakery or a health food store, or a large food retailer - you almost certainly have customers who wish you had gluten free speciality deserts.

Services offered:

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