The Wooden Monkey - Halifax

Welcome to The Wooden Monkey, Halifax's new restaurant where the menu is based on organic, macrobiotic, and locally grown fresh ingredients...
Located in the heart of Downtown Halifax, "The Wooden Monkey" is the place to enjoy amazing dishes made from healthy and local ingredients. Our food is excellent!
The Wooden Monkey is owned and operated by Lil MacPherson, Christine Bower.
We are focused on providing local and organic food, while offering fair trade organic coffee, locally brewed beers and wines, and providing a venue for local artists and musicians.
Our first commitment is to the health and well being of our customers and staff and is inseparable from our commitments to the community, the environment and promoting local business. People everywhere are becoming more and more aware of health risks involved in mainstream North America's diet. We beleive that current dietary trends and methods of food production and transportation - with all the pesticides, preservatives, processing GMO's and fossil fuels this involves - are neither healthy or sustainable. By using locally grown organic produce we not only ensure the quality of the food we serve is so far as this is possible, but we provide material support for the local farmers who share our commitments to human health and the environment. By providing a venue for local artists and musicians we hope to also contribute to the cultural life of Halifax in which we have both been involved for many years.
We are confident that the Wooden Monkey will fill a noticeable gap in the current Halifax restaurant scene, and will provide a long-awaited place for health-conscious diners to enjoy a great meal out. With our daily soups,made with spring water, uniquely made from scratch breads, pizzas and desserts ~ our commitment to creating a truly community oriented business with live music, local art and an awesome summer patio, we predict that the Wooden Monkey will soon be one of Halifax's newest culinary hot spots.

Services offered:

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