1-888-JunkBin (1 rating)

  • 1-888-JunkBin
  • 1-888-JunkBin
  • 1-888-JunkBin

On Trade: Bin rentals, extra days, and helping hands, can all be charged on trade. Also weekly and bi-weekly garbage and cardboard removal services. Bin bookings are based according to availability. The busy season is May to October.

Please Note: As waste restrictions in the HRM are many, and can limit where your junk can be discarded (sometimes out of the city) travel charges, and dumping fees (unique to your junk), are indeterminable added costs (with no service margins) and as such, are considered added fees not included on trade. Also, a 3% added fee will be charged if a credit card is used to pay for dumping and travel fees.

Services offered:

  • Home & Garden: Trash & Debris Removal
  • Contractor Support Services: Dumpster Rental